Hey casting directors can you please STOP USING FUCKING ADJECTIVES? Hint...THEY ARE UN-PLAYABLE!Casting directors, like directors (yes all directors) should — it is imperative — go through a freaking acting class ! I don't care if you guys are terrible as actors (you probably are) but you should experience how it feels to be up there, vulnerable and exposed! So smile Damn it! Use your face muscles! Its polite! You just witnessed a brave woman or man in your office trying to please you, you don't have to be a dick about it! And please oh please Stop giving nonsense directions like ill informed directors do — most of them are usually afraid of actors anyway — learn what is act-able and what is not! For example inner actions are, wants, needs and objectives are, verbs are! But EVIL, BAD ,GOOD, SAINT, ARE NOT!LEARN TO READ WHATS ON THE SCRIPT, MOST OF YOU GUYS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE READING. Stop sending out scripts with a character description: she is a a good person , a pragmatist (how the fuck do you play a pragmatist?) vulnerable but at the same time fierce(?) she is energetic but Smooth... UNPLAYABLE - PERIOD - FULL STOP!LEARN TO READ AND ASK ACTING QUESTIONS! Give acting directions! You chose to be the intermediary ,now do your job!