It is unfathomable but these two types of directors are still out there: - the grand puppeteer (the god figure)And the indifferent - chief blocker The first one secretly (sometimes not so secretly) wishes actors had no brain and no will. Ah!,if he (seldom she) could just puppeteer actors, their emotions and their intonations. -"say it this way" -"do it this way " And if you don’t...a flying chair is coming your way because your eyes blinked at precisely the wrong moment Two months of rehearsals, two months of wrecked nerves (usually the actors), grand theories on speech and drama (usually utter bullshit.) This type has a grand non-vision that must be implemented either way by an unsuspecting actor, that should at least consider the consultation of an Oracle before he enters the proscenium, to find out what the fuck this director wants! In his hands You become a pawn after all "God", THIS GOD works in mysterious ways, no? Your body is a puppet and your mouth just a mouthpiece, mimicking the directors interpretation of the given text(what text?), oh how exciting! Usually this type's number one objective is the "visual art" that comes with a grand bullshit theory on drama — but that's another story — of course their images most of the time have nothing to do with the play or with what the writer intended ( a writer ? Ha! a lesser god to be sacrificed under their grand vision.) And the actor? A Decorative piece that matches their impeccable vision and fortunately "it" speaks and moves.The second type, the chief blocker, looks at you with dead eyes like you are a Louis XV furniture, never mind your name, your 10 years of training or your 20 years in the business, he is the "faster" "louder" type. He has a basic grasp of the play but will not investigate deeper, relationships? What is that ? Motivation ? Objectives ? Oh no, no time for things like that especially when one can concentrate on theater “toys.” He loves his moving scenery, projections, lights, canned music and your frantic energy! First day he sets up the first act - second day the second act ... keep going, you don't need my help! But at least in this case actors usually in agreement whisper : "hey this one leaves you alone." You are of course all alone! I mean desperately alone! None of those two types acknowledge or understand any acting process! Of course the true description of an ideal director is not that of a "blocker" or that of a "puppeteer" but that of a visionary, very well read (at least the play), always ready, an inspirer, with a good judgment for character, a true conductor, a father, a mother, a child, a shrink, an encyclopedia on two feet, an actor, a gentle coaxer, a stern coercer (depending on the actors needs)and many more... ...No wonder that the good ones are so few!(Text Inspired by Walter, rage by directors)